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Lost Wax Process
  4. Wax Chasing and Spruing Wax casting will have some imperfections such as seam lines or bubbles. After seam lines are removed, more wax is used to fill holes and repair any defects resulting from air bubble in the wax pouring operation. Here the skilled work of applying the solid wax runners and risers to the wax is taking place. The runners form channels for pouring the molten bronze and the risers are essential to allow the gases from the molten bronze to escape
  5. Investing The ceramic-based investment is then carefully applied by our skill foundry worker in thin layers painstakingly applied with a soft brush. Here the yellow of the wax can still just be seen before being completely covered. Each layer of the investment hardening as it dries out, forming a complete "protective" shell around wax.
  6. Burn-Out The ceramic shell is removed from the slurry room and placed in an autoclave or a burn out oven cup side down. Either method will allow the shells to bake and the wax to flow out, leaving a cavity in its place.
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