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Lost Wax Process
  7. Casting The bronze ingots melt at approximately 1150 degree centigrade and at this stage the pour can commerce. The molten bronze is poured into the hollow shells and allowed to cool and solidify.
  8. Breakout The metal cooled, the ceramic investment must now be knocked away from bronze model inside and its complicated system of runners and vents.
  9. Welding If the sculpture was sectioned into multiple pieces, it would now be carefully fitted and assembled. We will inspect the sculpture, if there are any defects, these would also be repaired at this time.
  10. Patina The patina is the finished color. Depending on the customer or artist's requirements, we may use a variety of different chemicals which react to achieve a certain look. Colours like Antique Brown or Verde Green, or others. After the patina is applied, we will seal the sculpture with a wax coat to protect the finish.
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